Travel Plans & Car Clubs

The combination of our commercial understanding and knowledge of sustainability measures provides the focus of our approach to the production of Travel Plans.

TTHC prepares effective, tailored Travel Plans for businesses, schools, hospitals, local authorities and all those who recognise the problems caused by increasing traffic and travel.

In combination with standard industry tools, we adopt a lateral thinking approach to the production of our Travel Plans. We appreciate the importance of delivering commercially viable green and sustainable solutions.

Our innovative practices are used to improve access for staff and visitors, reduce congestion, realise travel time and fuel savings, eliminate unnecessary travel and reduce car parking demand and provision costs.

TTHC has practical experience of implementing Travel Plans and can offer the necessary guidance to those wishing to prepare their own plan.

Increasingly, Car Clubs are being used to provide cost effective solutions aimed at reducing both car ownership and use. TTHC has promoted a number of car club schemes within and as part of development projects to assist with minimising trip generation and parking provision.

Travel Plans & Car Clubs